Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are the steps in prepping for the quilt block swap I am doing at convention. I started with 1/2 yard of 3 different patterned fabrics. Folded each piece over so it was 8 thickness and the size to fit the my Big Flower Die. Trimmed it to make it fit the shape of the die (about 5 x 5.5).

Next, ran it through the Big Shot machine. Remember to sandwich the die & fabric between the acrylic plates.

The Big Shot cut 8 layers easily!

I cut the ivory background fabric to 8x8" squares.

A fabric glue stick was used to adhere the fabric flower to the quilt block. I'm making 10-11 blocks each of 3 different designs.

Next step it to go to the sewing machine.

You can see Angie Kennedy Juda's finished quilt at She is the one hosting this fun idea for a swap at convention. I'll end up with 30 some blocks so I can make more if I want a full quilt like Angie's 80 block quilt or I can use smaller numbers of quilt blocks for a throw, table runner etc. I'll decide that later.

Look for part 2,


Sandra Ryder said...

Good job! I love your blog. Found it from the link you left me. Thanks!

Happy Stamping! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Kris Sobolik said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - love your projects :)
Kris Sobolik

Diane Stader said...

OM Goodness, how talented you are! I haven't found the courage to play with anything but paper and felt on my BS and look at you--beautiful quilt pieces. TFS and Blessings.

The Pursuit of Stampin'ess said...

Dear Jennifer. That is beautiful and I love the fabric you picked. Wow, you are way out there. I am just starting this SU thing, love it so much, but there is still so muh to learn. Thanks for being such a great inspiration. Maybe Stampin Up will see your blog and get the idea of offering cute fabric to us as well in the next catalogue!.. to use with the big shot. Not a bad idea at all :) Anyway, take good care and thanks for connecting!

rscowtown said...

I know this is an old post but its worth a shot, where oh where is that die available? or is it retired?


Jennifer Thomas said...

Yes that is a retired die. Maybe try