Monday, February 14, 2011

Audrey's Valentines Box

Last year my niece Audrey asked for help making a Valentine Box for her school party. So we made a stand up mailbox complete with an opening door to let the valentines fall to the bottom of the mail box just like the mail boxes outside the post offices. This year she wanted help again and we decided to do a grand piano as she started taking piano lessons this year and loves it. We started out with a Stampin' Up! box and ended up with a cool looking piano. The lid is hindged so that you can put it down flat on the piano or place it up with the small wooden stick. The valentines go in the opening in the body of the piano so you just slip them in under the piano lid when it is propped up. I hope Audrey had a great time at her school Valentine's party today!
Happy Valentine's Day!



Chanda Stehlik said...

That is just AMAZING! What a wonderful job she did! As a fellow Nebraskan, Jennifer, I'm awarding you the stylish blogger award! Stop on by my blog to see what to do! Thanks!

Chanda Stehlik

Wonderfully Made! said...

That piano is very creative!!
I've also awarded you with the "stylish blogger", but I didn't realize that Chanda already did!! I guess great minds think alike!!!!!

Susan Byington said...

How unbelievably creative! Thanks so much for sharing!