Monday, August 16, 2010

Decor' Elements Cheer & Dance Fundraiser

I recently did a fundraiser for our Cheer & Dance squads. We met at one of their houses and I showed off the vinyl wall art items. I put a few samples on some glass jars and gave those away as doorprizes. I also gave away vinyl images as doorprizes. Then the host mom got a special treat my having me apply the image of her choice (that she picked out a few weeks in advance so I had time to order it) to the wall of her choice. Lori picked this "Many Welcomes" and we applied it above some cupboards that sit above a bar counter in her kitchen. The wall was extremely rough but with a little extra rubbing I managed to get there on there. I like the way this image looks, espeically the white on the dark green walls.
These would make great Christmas presents so if you are in the mood to think about your Christmas gift giving keep these Decor' Elements in mind.

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