Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why I don't blog more often.....sigh! :-(

I have my heart in the right place as I do want to update my blog more often but I honestly struggle to find the time to do so. So, I thought it would be fun to show you what I do when I am not stamping. I spend alot of time taking photographs for my family and for others.
This week I took my photography class on a field trip to Cabela's in Sidney. Cabela's is a huge store for sportsmen...kind of like Stampin' Up! is for us, but with many stores around the country and it's headquarters 20 miles from Potter. We toured the photography and graphic departments and learned alot.

Niece Taylor at last track meet, it's fun to take action shots.

Can't play favorites, took photo of niece Audrey (on left) and her championship Destination Imagination team which will go to Tennessee for Global finals the end of May.

We drove to Denver for the day during Spring Break to see Body Worlds. Nice to have Alexis home from college. (GO HUSKERS!)

I wanted to also visit the Botantical Gardens while in Denver to see the Henry Moore Sculpture family humored me and posed for several pictures...this is them in the inside of the sculpture with one bystander too.

O.k., I promise the next post will be soon and something stamped!
Have a great day! (11 days until summer vacation!)

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