Monday, May 17, 2010

29 Gifts

Here's a fun and simple gift idea. I used the 2step Bird punch from Stampin' Up! to make a coordinating bookmark/gift-giving list. I used the cover of the book for inspiration for the colors & design.

The bookmark doubles as a gift-giving list. When you read the book you learn about the authors struggles with MS and how she took advice from a spiritual advisor to stop thinking about yourself and give a gift away each day for 29 days. Gifts can be as simple as giving someone a kleenex or spare change. So this bookmark is a great way to keep track of your gift giving. When you read the book you will want to start your own 29 days of gift giving, so the bookmark comes in handy and if you are giving the book away as a gift it is a great addition to this gift.

I was especially excited to read this book as the author mentions stories about growing up in western Nebraska (20 miles from where I live and grew up). She also mentions that when she wants to give thank you cards to people who help her out she goes to the box of handmade cards that her mom makes for her. She has a stash of cards on hand and I know her mom attends stamping classes of mine so I know alot of those cards are the projects and products we use in our classes! :-) So that is how I found out about this book. I've read it myself and have given several books away as gifts.
You can learn more about this book & author, Cami Walker, at:

You can watch Cami's interview on the Today show and learn alot more about this gift giving movement.

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