Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bag full of swap goodies!

Swapping at convention is always fun and I seem to get the best swaps when swapping with friends and having a planned and organized swap. This year we will be meeting in our hotel room again with 25 swappers consisting of my roomies from Nebraska and Colorado and downline groups of stamp friends Deb Valder, New York and Sue Hyer of Virginia. Here is a sneak peak of their swapping bags. All bags are set up in a circle and one of each item is placed into each swappers bag, once everyone has had a chance to place their items in the bags then each gal has a wonderful bag full of goodies to take home with them.....well that is after we eat pizza! :-) This is a fun way to get great quality swaps and have fun meeting stampers from around the country. Once I get home I'll share my pics of the swaps I received.

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