Friday, August 8, 2008

New Arrival: It's a Girl!...think PINK!

O.k., I'm looking through all my swaps from convention searching for fun ideas for my new grand-niece that decided to surprise everyone and arrive yesterday several weeks early! I was just starting to think about making a scrapbook album as a baby present for my nephew and his wife and now..., the baby is here and I can start thinking PINK! So that will be a lot of fun.
Here are several cards that I found in my stack of convention swaps that I thought would be great for a baby girl....and since I don't live close to this new baby I can send lots of fun stuff to her in the mail. Thanks to these fellow stamping friends that swapped with me: giraffe card by Beth Cotta, "for you" card by Patty Bennett, boat card has no name on back :-(, tall brown card by Kim Yancy, and pink "priceless" card by my border buddy Pam Lee from Canada.

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