Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silver Hodgepodge kit

I made these items by soldering the silver hodgepodge pieces together (there is a front and back piece of the same shape). The solder matches the color of the silver and is easy to do. Just held it together with a clothespin (real high tech isn't it?).... then added flux and then used the lead and the solder tool. Each insert is placed behind a piece of acetate for added protection.
I made a key chain, a necklace pennant and an ornament.
This would be more of an advanced project for customers.
Oh, and the cute kids in the photos are mine!
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Sue said...

SHUT UP!!! These are adorabe!
Feel like doing a picture tutorial???

Kelly A. Swienton said...

Oh, I'm soooo happy you decided to start a blog! These are really cool Jennifer! Thanks for sharing! Your kids are beautiful!